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I know how hard you work at your business. You’ve spent your career starting from scratch and slowly building toward your dream of owning your own business. Finally you get there but the work is really just beginning. Countless hours doing whatever needs to be done to make sure the doors stay open and growing the business even further. Handling staff, accounts and customers – it’s a grueling job but you have a goal and nothing is going to stop you from achieving it.


You’ve done everything right – taken the proper steps to achieve each new mini-goal without cutting corners. You’ve stayed loyal to your staff and your customers, and there’s nothing you take more pride in than delivering a quality product to a happy customer. You’ve built a business that has given you a career and makes people happy.


You’ve embraced all growth opportunities that have been presented to you, inclusive of expanding your business to the web. You’ve got yourself a website and have opened yourself up to online exposure. You’ve seen this as a crucial step to continual business growth and have taken advantage of it. Again, you’ve done everything right and not cut any corners. You’ve invested smartly in your business and web presence and success has followed.


Then, something happens. Something that’s having a terrible effect on your business and costing you A LOT of money. And, it’s something you have no control over. It’s one of the most frustrating obstacles your business has ever encountered and you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to recover.


Luckily, you can and you WILL recover. And we know just how to do it.


When your business gets a terrible review and criticism online it can spell disaster for many companies. These reviewers are literally holding your business hostage through the guise of Google, Yelp, Facebook, Trip Advisor or another review website.


You’ve spent your career executing a flawless business plan and now this? A review that some grumpy person wrote up just because they didn’t have a chance to have their morning coffee? It’s taken you years to build your business and in 30 seconds, someone has compromised all your efforts.


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